About PH Daniel Sanchez

As an artist born in Ecuador and based in New York, my work is deeply influenced by the diverse cultural experiences and creative energy of both places. My painting style is rooted in Cubism, a movement that has allowed me to explore complex and layered perspectives on the world around me.

In my art, I draw inspiration from the raw power and intensity of rock and heavy metal culture. From the intricate guitar riffs to the explosive drum beats, these genres have always resonated with me on a deep level. I aim to capture this energy in my paintings, using bold colors and dynamic compositions to express the emotions that music evokes in me.

Through my art, I strive to create a bridge between seemingly disparate worlds, bringing together the traditional techniques of Cubism with the rebellious spirit of rock and heavy metal culture. My hope is that my paintings will inspire others to explore their own creative passions, and to find beauty and meaning in unexpected places.

Prior to pursuing painting, I spent five years working as a Digital Artist for a sports memorabilia company, creating designs and graphics for the major leagues and sometimes events like the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, etc. This experience taught me the importance of visual communication, and instilled in me a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the power of color and composition.


Today, I am an art director for the EDGE Program by Raul Villacis, where I bring all of these skills to bear on the task of helping others unlock their code to the EDGE. Through my work with the EDGE Program, I am able to connect with people from all walks of life, sharing my creative gifts to help them become better versions of themselves.