Scope Art Fair NYC 2018 and Inwood Film Festival Pablo Caviedes on The Map

My Fellow Artist Pablo Cavides presented his latest work at the Scope Art Fair NYC 2018. Another milestone on his career. I came to see his exhibition and film a follow up story to our film On The Map.

ph daniel sanchez and pablo caviedes on the map at inwood film festival

Our film was presented at the 3rd annual Inwood Film Festival. I've become fascinated with documenting successful stories of immigrants. I can relate because I am also a first generation immigrant here in this country. Not only me, but my entire family. We know it's rough to adapt to a new culture.

ph daniel sanchez and family at inwood film festival

8 years ago I didn't know how to speak English and i did a living sweeping floors. I had humble beginnings just like any other immigrant in this country. But I had the determination to break the stereotypes and achieve the American Dream. I wish there were more people succeeding in this country, but all i can do is to show them through my films that there is another level.

That's my responsibility as an artist and that's where my fascination with documentary films come from. I can show you the way through my films, but i won't do the hard work for you. That's up to you.

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