Dani Diamond Workshop and Interview @ Sony Rooftop Event with Focus Camera

In today's Vlog I interviewed Dani Diamond at the Sony Rooftop Event with Focus Camera in Brooklyn NY. My friend Jay and I drove from Connecticut to this event and test their new gear. We've been talking about switching to Sony for a while, so this was our chance.

Amazing setup let me tell you! they had every camera and lens you can think of. Not only that, they hired pretty ladies so you can test your gear with a professional model. And lots of giveaways including a brand new Sony A9, which you will see it by the end of the video. And if you are curious, yes I switched to Sony. Good bye to my Nikon D750. More details about why I switched in the next episode

Music Credits:
A Himitsu - Icy Vindur
The Guardians of Time - Olivaw
AstraeusMusic - Happy Accidents

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