The WHY I often pursue COLLABORATION projects

We had a special guest at the Sanchez Gallery this past week. Our friend Christian Abad came to brainstorm ideas for his latest project and wanted my assistance.

christian abad and ph daniel sanchez

He has been a huge influence in my art career and was the bridge to land my dream job at The Next Level Experience.

Ph daniel sanchez selfie with christian abad and Jay Russell

We met back in 2014 at a non profit organization called Organizacion Juventud Ecuatoriana.

christian abad at juventud ecuatoriana annual gala

To be honest, I didn't trust his personality and we had a rough start. It wasn't until my brother Francisco Sanchez, arrived in 2015, that we were able to reconnect and establish a friendship. francisco sanchez, christian abad and ph daniel sanchez

My brother wanted to learn from Christian's unique skills as a Speaker.

francisco sanchez and christian abad at thesanch3z gallery

Back then my brother an I were working together as personal Trainers in our Startup Biokay.

We made an agreement with Christian to EXCHANGE VALUE so the 3 of us can learn from each others talents.

- My brother's goal was to level up as an Speaker/Entrepreneur.

- Chrisitan's goal was to level up on his Well Being.

- My goal was to connect with Raul Villacis and join The Next Level Experience.

3/3 of our goals were accomplished. 

REMEMBER: Money is an exchange of value. the more value you add, the more money you can earn from your passion. I encourage you to stay creative and pursue your next Collaboration project