ARTISTS from 3 different Ethnicities UNIFY to deliver a unique VISUAL EXPERIENCE

 Inspired by the story of Prometheus, the thief of fire

Our society lives in a world where equality is no longer a factor, new generations are losing their culture due to the fact that their ancestors don’t transmit their knowledge.

When it comes to the topic of Greek mythology, most of us will readily agree that it has no meaning in our daily lives. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of understanding the concept of Stealing Fire.

Whereas some are convinced that Prometheus stole fire from Zeus as an act to help mankind, in reality, fire is a symbol for each individual's  talent and how they use it in their daily lives.

Those unfamiliar with this school of thought may be interested to know that it basically boils down to the collaboration of different people and their talents to visually experience the concept of Stealing Fire.

Stealing Fire is a series conceived by Artist PH Daniel Sanchez

these series will showcase multiple artworks of individuals with various ethnicities; Who have inspired a positive change in society as a result of utilizing the fire stolen by Prometheus.

The exhibition will also feature a Martial Art Performance by members of his family including Jose Sanchez (Father)

Francisco Sanchez (Brother) and Kevin Sanchez (Brother).

Including the collaboration of Afro-Ecuadorian musician Jose Juan Paredes, founder of his band Chota Madre.  

Although Stealing Fire may seem trivial, it is in fact crucial in terms of today’s concern over the lack of collaboration from different ethnicities. On June 29th, these unique individuals will deliver a unique VISUAL EXPERIENCE of their own FIRE in order to inspire, unite and collaborate within each other despite cultural differences.

Jadite Galleries
413 W 50th St, New York, NY 10019
Opening Reception: Thursday June 29, 6-8 PM
Artworks by PH Daniel Sanchez
Performance by: Francisco Sanchez, Kevin Sanchez, Jose Sanchez
Featuring: Jose Juan Founder of Chota Madre