10+ NFT Artists on the Rise | 2022 Opensea Watchlist

I wanted to start 2022 by sharing my personal NFT Artist watchlist. I’ve collected and sold multiple artworks from the following artists and strongly believe they will be around in the art scene long term.

I think the biggest reason for my success in 2021 as an artist and collector was because of my passion and curiosity in Fine Arts. I’ve been an Art Director and Visual artist for the past 10+ years and always dreamed of a day that Digital Art would take over the Art Scene.

I can proudly say that I was the first NFT collector of a few artists in this list and helped them get started in the NFT Space.

I will do my best to update this blog post as I discover new artists, so feel free to bookmark this page and share it with your friends.

My Criteria:

Concept, Quality and Execution
Years of Experience
Exhibitions, Press Attention and Influence
I’ve personally owned, sold a piece from the artist or plan to buy.

2022 NFT Artist Watchlist (In no Particular Order)

1. Earlyworm

2. Jason Chambers


3. Dariodesiena

4. Alex Lavrov Art

5. Sabet

6. Ian Jones

7. Visithra Manikam

8. 8th project

9. Gabe Weis

10. Gavin Meeler

11. PH Daniel Sanchez

12. SoulCurryArt

13. Jake Nordstrum

14. Dylan Gill

15. Lorenzo Lozini


16. Scottys Art

17. Joy Quintas

18. Tom Fry

19. OllOOl