Women's Boxing at Gleason's Featuring Heather The Heat¨ Hardy

Behind the Scenes with Business Architect Marcelo Rodriguez planning a Digital Transformation Campaign for Gleason's Gym.
Featuring Boxing World Champion Heather "The Heat" Hardy.

ph daniel sanchez and marcelo rodriguez

ph daniel sanchez and heather the heat hardy at gleasons gym

Heather Hardy, our two-time, undefeated world champion, also serves as one of our trainers. A titleholder, an educator, a warrior, and a mom, Heather first stepped into the boxing ring at the age of 28. “I was a mess when I walked in the gym,” she says. “I didn’t know how to do anything.” Starting only with heart, Heather learned how to jab, move, and block, and through it all, she discovered something powerful within herself. “I finally found what I was meant to do,” she says. She credits the gym, and her dedicated trainer, for teaching her “…not only how to fight, but how to make fighting my life.”

ph daniel sanchez, edgar moya and heather the heat hardy at gleasons gym