Women of Gleason's Gym Featuring Tim Knox Photographer (Short Documentary)

As Artists, finding great stories can be a challenging task sometimes, this was not the case!

When I stepped into Gleason's gym for the first time, I was amazed me to see such a diverse culture of boxing enthusiasts.

heather the heat hardey and ph daniel sanchez at gleasons gym brooklyn

I've been working as Art Director in a Marketing Campaign with my partner Marcelo Rodriguez at Gleasons Gym for several weeks. I have to be honest, this is the first time we work with a client that has an overload of amazing stories. It took us a while to pick the right story for our campaign, but we found what we were looking for.

ph daniel sanchez filmming female boxer

A particular piece about Female Boxers at Gleasons. We interviewed Photographer Tim Knox about the story he's writing for the Newspaper The Guardian, and we filmed a short documentary.

tim knox photographing female boxer at gleasons gym

tim knox photographer

The film was released at Gleasons Gym Official Webiste as well as an article at the Guardian in the UK.

We are currently working on other Short Documentaries to follow up this story.

I forgot to mention that this is what I consider my perfect client. I worked with athletes my entire career and I know I can deliver my best work in an environment like this.

pavel datsyuk red wings and ph daniel sanchez

Gleasons gym is where world champions were born. The biggest names in boxing history such as Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson trained here. It is such a privilege to be part of this project.

hector roca with ph daniel sanchez and marcelo rodriguez at gleasons gym

The craziest part is that I've done artwork for these legends back when I was working with Photofile. There are no coincidences in life, I believe this was meant to be.

muhammad ali by ph daniel sanchez