(OFFICIAL SELECTION) Inwood Film Festival: Pablo Caviedes - On The Map (Short Dcummentary)

In "Pablo Caviedes ON THE MAP" short film, the film maker, PH Daniel Sanchez, follows Ecuadorian artist based in Inwood, Pablo Caviedes in his process of creating a monumental series of works inspired by phenomenon of the American identity and the role immigration in development of the country.

pablo caviedes and ph daniel sanchez at nyc armory show

This 08:25 minutes movie is shot in New York City where Caviedes has been living and creating his art since 2003.

pablo caviedes at nyc armory show

“On the Map” represents a personal view of immigration; that is, a graphic perspective of what Caviedes considers a common denominator of our American identity.

Caviedes project is comprised of three parts, represented by three faces which act as a visual metaphor for this country’s historical situation.
pablo caviedes and obama portrait

The third part of the book focuses on Andy Warhol, an icon of U.S. arts and culture who has world-wide recognition but whose connection to immigrants has been relegated to the sidelines.
pablo caviedes and andy warhol scuplture
He represents the second generation of immigrants, who leave behind an enormous cultural legacy, in Warhol’s case a new artistic paradigm that revolutionized the art world.

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Friday, March 16 - 7:00pm
Plus special post-screening conversation with the filmmakers

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A Film by PH Daniel Sanchez