(DOCUMENTARY) Toyo Tsuchiya | NYC Lower East Side Art Scene

The Rent is Too D*m High (Part II). I filmed this story when I learned that Toyo Tsuchiya passed away right after an art show we both participated. I had a brief, but interesting conversation with him during the show.

I didn’t realize he produced such a wealth of artwork in his lifetime. He was one of the early artists involved in the Rivington School art movement of the Lower East Side art scene of New York City of the 1980s.

Weeks later I spoke with his friend and Curator Roman Primitivo Albear about filming a follow up story about the show. He then took the initiative to call his step son Ori Carino, and we both met with him for an interview.

He shared with me a rich detailed story of what Toyo's work was all about. I'm glad our paths crossed even for a slight moment, because otherwise this film wouldn’t have been produced.

I felt the urge to work on this film as gratitude to Roman and his friends of the Lower East Side who welcomed me to participate in their Art show.

It was a memorable night. Rest In Peace Toyo


Ori Carino

Roman Primitivo Albear

Monty Cantsin

Photography by Toyo Tsuchiya

Video Credits:

EV Grieve https://youtu.be/gqSp0Qakoww

NYbuddhist https://youtu.be/HwY1OjNwAR8

A Film by PH Daniel Sanchez